International Students in Liaoning Amazed by Desert Turned into Oasis
九月 15,2023

Visiting sand park, learning sand painting, walking into vast pine forest... International students in Liaoning witnessed the life miracle of turning desert into oasis, perceiving “China’s wisdom” in desertification control.

Recently, “Perceiving China · Charming Liaoning” 2023 International Students’ Liaoning Trip has been held in Fuxin. 30 international students from Liaoning University, Shenyang Aerospace University, and Shenyang University of Chemical Technology personally experienced Zhangwu County’s achievement in ecological preservation and green development, witnessing Liaoning’s practice in the philosophy that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”.

In Zhangwu County, the international students watched the documentary Sand Control in Zhangwu and visited the achievement exhibition held by Liaoning Institute of Sand Fixation and Afforestation, experiencing the miracle from pictures and videos. They climbed on the watchtower of the vast pine forest and walked on the same road Li Dongkui, the well-known guardian of the desert, once walked to know about the history and moving stories behind. They studied gold sand painting to learn Zhangwu people’s wisdom in turning waste into treasure.

“The most impressive part was the documentary Sand Control in Zhangwu. I was really moved by their actions and perseverance,” said Li Cang, a Vietnamese student who has studied Chinese for four years. He said in fluent Chinese, “Chinese people have never been daunted by anything! It was indeed a miracle that Zhangwu people conquered the challenges from the desert and turned it into treasure.” Fang Tian from the Democratic Republic of the Congo was recording the scenery along the way and said, “Zhangwu is so beautiful! Here are lush forests, boundless grassland, and golden fields. The splendid landscape here barely reminds me that all this was sand before.”

During two days of the event, international students learned the arduous journey Zhangwu people have been through to fight against, control, and utilize sand. They perceived Liaoning’s determination, persistence, and action in improving the ecological environment. They said, “this is the most vivid Chinese story, as well as the Liaoning story the world should know.”

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