Liaoning Is Now Home to 47 National-Level Enterprise Technology Centers
Mar 15,2023

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and four other departments in China have announced the list of newly certified national-level enterprise technology centers for the year 2022 (the 29th batch). A total of five enterprises in Liaoning are selected, including Shenyang Academy of Instrumentation Science Co., Ltd., Shenyang Xingqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Engineering and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shenyang Fortune Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. and Kingsemi Co., Ltd., which is a record high and ranks first among the three provinces in Northeast China. Up to now, there are 47 national-level enterprise technology centers in Liaoning.
As introduced, relying on industry-leading enterprises to build national-level enterprise technology centers and fully leveraging their support role in enterprise innovation and industrial development is an important measure for establishing a national innovation system and promoting scientific and technological self-reliance. It has also exerted a positive influence on advancing applied basic research, facilitating the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and leading industrial restructuring and upgrading. At this time in Liaoning, encouraging progress has been made in building a market-oriented technological innovation system in which enterprises play the leading role while industries, universities and research institutes cooperate with each other. A number of innovative achievements have emerged in such competitive fields as integrated circuits, instrumentation, aviation and aerospace, and intelligent manufacturing, providing strong support for industrial upgrading and structural adjustment in Liaoning.
The next step for Liaoning is to continuously focus on the construction of innovation platforms, encouraging all types of platforms to improve conditions for innovation, increase investment in R&D, gather innovative talents and promote innovation results, so as to accelerate the formation of a scientific and technological force that undertakes the national mission and demonstrates the strength of Liaoning.

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