Dandong Historical and Cultural Digital Experience Museum Starts Trial Operation
Mar 16,2023

The Dandong Historical and Cultural Digital Experience Museum has recently started trial operation in Liaoning. Dandong has transformed a landmark building located on the Yalu River into a stereoscopic, multi-dimensional, vivid, and immersive digital high-tech intelligent exhibition hall.
With a total area of over 5,000 square meters, the museum serves as a multifunctional urban culture exhibition hall that interprets urban history, disseminates urban culture, promotes urban resources, and enhances the city’s brand. It is currently the only immersive digital experience hall in Dandong.
The Dandong Historical and Cultural Digital Experience Museum is positioned as the city’s main reception hall and the first stop for tourists visiting Dandong. The museum systematically showcases the city’s history, culture, scenic spots, and local specialties, aiming to provide visitors with a one-stop understanding and appreciation of Dandong and offer a comprehensive guide to the “food, accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, entertainment, and shopping” in Dandong for an all-rounded tourism experience. At the same time, the museum is a splendid landscape in itself, with numerous immersive, interactive, and experiential exhibits that offer visitors a knowledge-based, enjoyable, and entertaining tour of Dandong.
The story of Dandong begins at the Yalu River. Through the comprehensive interpretation of scene restoration and multimedia, the museum offers a glimpse into the historical vicissitudes of the city and highlights the uninterrupted pace of civilization. In the exhibition hall, visitors can explore symbols of Dandong, such as the century-old ginkgo streets and the ubiquitous rhododendron shrubs. Moreover, the rich intangible cultural heritage and the welcoming folk customs of the Manchu and Korean ethnic groups allow tourists to experience the local customs of multi-ethnic neighborhoods. Dandong will build the museum into a cultural landmark, where Dandong’s history, humanity, culture, and scenery will be presented, and the charm of the border, river and coastal areas will bloom.

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