Shenyang to Host the 1st World Liaoning Entrepreneurs Convention on September 25
九月 18,2023

On September 18, the Information Office of Liaoning Provincial People’s Government held a press conference to provide updates on the preparations for 1st World Liaoning Entrepreneurs Convention.

The 1st World Liaoning Entrepreneurs Convention is scheduled to be held in Shenyang from September 25 to 27. Centered around the resounding theme “With Unified Hearts, Fulfilling the Chinese Dream”, the convention is organized around the framework of series activities.

The opening ceremony will be held on the morning of September 26. Through keynote presentations, speeches, and the issuance of initiatives, the convention aims to provide a platform for publicizing new changes and presenting fresh development opportunities in Liaoning. This platform will enable Liaoning entrepreneurs worldwide to fully understand the strong advantages, significant business prospects, development trends, and bright vistas with Liaoning’s endeavor for comprehensive revitalization. Moreover, it encourages Liaoning entrepreneurs to reconnect with their homeland, invest in their native soil, and contribute to the development of their birthplace. Together, they will join forces to win the “Liaoshen Campaign” in this new era, as they embark on the mission to revitalize Liaoning and Northeast China. During the convention, two thematic forums will unfold: “Igniting China’s Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Empowering Liaoning through Overseas Brilliance” and “Revitalizing with New Breakthroughs, and Offering Opportunities for Liaoning Entrepreneurs”. Additionally, there will be two special events: the Overseas Liaoning Entrepreneurs Symposium and the “Brighter Moonlight over Hometown” Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, tailored to resonate with Liaoning entrepreneurs returning to their homeland. Furthermore, the cities in Liaoning will organize field visits and business negotiations for Liaoning entrepreneurs.

This convention marks the most influential and expansive “Liaoning Entrepreneurs Returning to Liaoning” event in recent years. Currently, 614 Liaoning entrepreneurs have confirmed their participation, covering 43 countries and regions including Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, South America, and North America, as well as 28 provinces, autonomous regions, and cities in China, including the thriving economic powerhouses of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Among them, over 300 well-known Liaoning-based enterprises from overseas and outside the province stand as the vanguard, covering primary, secondary, and tertiary industries. These enterprises are predominantly concentrated in sectors including advanced manufacturing, foreign trade, new energy and materials, fine chemicals, real estate, financial services, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and cultural tourism.

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