“Liaoshitong”: Creating Liaoning’s Central Hub for Mobile Government Services
九月 20,2023

On September 20, the Information Office of Liaoning Provincial People’s Government held a press conference to provide an overview of the fourth anniversary of the launch and operation of “Liaoshitong”.

Since its successful launch and operation on September 20, 2019, “Liaoshitong” has undergone four years of practical operation. It has provided 3,340 online services, attracted 53.5 million real-name registered users, and delivered various services 15 billion times. With an average of over 2 million people handling various transactions online each month, it quietly promotes the transformation of government services from “face-to-face” to “interface-to-interface”, becoming one of the provincial-level mobile government service platforms with a large number of registered users, high integration of services, and active user engagement.

“Liaoshitong” has become a “handheld treasure” for convenience and benefit to the people and enterprises. Covering the entire lifecycle from birth to death for individuals and from establishment to cancellation for enterprises, it continues to address the troublesome and worrisome matters that concern enterprises and the public, providing a convenient and expedited approach. From withdrawing housing provident funds to online signing public rental housing agreements, from applying for social security cards to making marriage registration appointments, various government services for enterprises and the public, both big and small, can be completed with just a few taps on “Liaoshitong”.

“Liaoshitong” has advanced intelligent government services. In April 2021, Liaoning was among the first in China to launch electronic resident identity credentials, electronic driving licenses, and other electronic identification proofs. People can easily use these proofs on their mobile phones in various scenarios and places, such as government service centers, roadside verification, simple traffic violation processing, and accommodation in more than 16,000 hotels and inns. This eliminates the hassle of forgetting physical certificates and ensures the smooth completion of necessary procedures. Subsequently, 97 electronic certificates and file information, including electronic social security cards and electronic medical insurance credentials, were successively launched. By accurately profiling enterprises and the public through electronic certificates and file information, “Liaoshitong” actively provides 852 “application-free benefit” policies to enterprises, benefiting more than 7.8 million enterprises, with disbursements exceeding 2 billion yuan, while reducing unnecessary application processes over 10 million times.

“Liaoshitong” establishes an “expedited channel” for addressing concerns. It is connected to the “12345” platform, improving channels for enterprise and public inquiries, complaints, suggestions, and other communication, making it convenient for them to express their demands. It deeply integrates and connects with 20 platforms and systems, including “Yangguang Sanwu Platform (Platform for Transparent Party, Village/Community, and Financial Affairs)”, “Traffic Management 12123”, and “Liaoning Taxation”, consolidating related services onto a unified platform, and providing convenience for enterprises and the public to handle various matters.

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